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About us

Spray Booth Suppliers are the Australian team making the industry leading technology of Nova Verta available to the local Australian market.

Why we represent Nova Verta Products

  • Industry leader in the manufacture of Spray Booths, Preparation Bays and Paint Rooms
  • Almost 40 years experience
  • Total Control Technology
  • Design, luminosity and usability are unique
  • Waterborne compliance
  • Durable quality construction, built to last products
  • All products are guaranteed
  • Self-diagnostic control systems
  • Standard and made to order Spray Booths, Preparation Bays and Paint Rooms
  • Enviromentally Friendly
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Spray Booth Suppliers team with Nova Verta

Nova Verta's Carlo Sacchetti and Angelo Lanciano with Piero and Keith from Spray Booth Suppliers

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